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Sturdy Metal Pallets Suitable for All Types of Material Handling

Thank you for visiting International Metal Pallets. After viewing our site you will see why metal is superior to plastic pallets in all of your material handling needs. If you have ever used plastic or wooden pallets then you know how frustrating and costly it can be when one breaks or should one ever be contaminated. Our pallets are cost effective and safe for many reasons. You don't have to replace them, metal is virtually unbreakable, and when using with hazardous waste material our galvanized metal finishing limits your worries of chemical contamination. Another reason why our product can outperform any plastic pallet is that they can hold several thousand pounds of static weight without breaking or bending. The metal pallet is ideal for use in warehouse storage because they are stackable, and can hold almost any product; they are extremely useful when dealing with 55 gallon drums.

In closing, whatever your needs may be our revolutionary metal pallets will meet your product demands, and as our illustrations will show they will outlast any other pallet on the market today. We must also emphasize that there are only two real reasons for being reliable and successful in this business at all.


1. Our Pallets Work!
2. Our Pallets are Cost Effective!

Galvanized coated metal pallet
48" x 48" Static WT.Cap 7,200 lbs

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International Metal Pallet in Mesa, Arizona, offers a durable solution for all your material handling needs. Our custom-made metal pallets are designed to last for a very long time while maintaining their structural integrity. This makes them ideal for sensitive storage use, even with drums containing radioactive elements. With more than 50 years of experience, we are aware of virtually all factors that come into play in the logistics of material handling. We use this knowledge to create the best pallets your money can buy.


It is important to note that there are several direct dollar costs that you save when purchasing metal pallets.

Repair and maintenance expense.
Product damage and breakage.
Plant cleanliness.
Related material handling cost saving (i.e., less damage to conveyors and forklift wheels, etc.)
Fire and safety expense

After you have examined this data, we are confident you will appreciate the many functional and financial advantages of our product. Sample pallets are available to purchase for your complete testing and evaluation. We are sure you will find our product meets all of our claims, and will be a very profitable investment for you. Favorable leasing can also be arranged because of the durability and long life of our metal pallets.

Thank you for your consideration, and please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions.

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